Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Unexpected Conversation


assalamualaikum wbt. Alhamdulillah malam tadi ambo dengan seorang kawan ambo nie just had a HEART-TO-HEART conversation. Alhamdulillah Allah bagi jugak peluang kat ambo nie untuk borak ngan die . actually everything went like this . i just wanna tell her to not be sooo obsessed with all those KOREAN thingy cuz its like modern ' berhala ' ... i was expecting a sceptical statement from her . shockingly she told me that she kinda agree with it . and i tried to tell her to be moderate in liking something . later she made a confession . and she told me her problem , that she is being too close with boys .  i mean IKHTILAT problem . Alhamdulillah SEPINTAR fed me with a little bit of knowledge about this. That we are actually cant berurusan with the opposite gender unless that business , when Allah asks us back why we were associating with them , we believe and we are confident that our hujjah will be accepted . analoginye , like we were talking about soccer. in Akhirat when Allah asks us why , do you think it will be accepted without kemurkaannya ? sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Hebat Seksaanya. 

At the end of our conversation , she seems wanna change to be a better muslimah . i neve thought we could have this kinda conversation . cuz back in SEMEKAR we dont really talk deeply into this matter . into ukhrawi matter ... most of them are worldly affairs . and melalaikan. Astaghfirullaha'azim ...  what i really would appreciate now is that , me and my friends in SEMEKAR will change to be a better muslimahs . to be His obedient slaves . follow all His rule ...

memang diakui diri ini masih jahil . tetapi aku harap dgn sedikit ilmu yang Allah berikan kepadaku dpt aku sebar luaskan 


" sebarkanlah walau sepotong ayat "

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