Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Medical check-up and shopping stuffs

In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful

Today is roughly a very tiring and long day. I had my medical check up at Damai Service Hospital (DHS) near mom's office. I was taken aback looking at the bills.
total = RM 294.00 plus X-Ray $_$

Okay so mama did expect it though. She said when kakak's time it almost the same. I wonder why dont we just go to government's hospital though. Might be less costly. Mama said 'sama je. kena beratur panjang lagi. because it is medical check-up. unless you have referring letter." So basically if you happen to have serious cough or signs of TB you get the FREE MANTOUX TEST. Mama thought it gonna cost near RM100 but it is actually rm30 only.  I also need to have pregnancy test? Seriously it scared me... never had one before. but this is all because of JPA medical check up requirement.

Is that morphine and cannabinoboidswhatisthat? There is no way im on drugs. What's a VDRL(RPR) ? and TPHA ?  I/M I/V S/C injection ???????????????  Wait! Let me have a check on Dr. Syeikh Al-Google ^_^

know more about VDRL. Click here ( Venereal Disease Research Laboratory Test )
know more about RPR. Click Here (Rapid Plasma Reagin)
know more about TPHA. Click here (Treponema Pallidum Hemaagglutination)
know more about  Subcutaneous Injection. Click Here
know more about Intramuscular Injection. Click here

Okay let me sum up for you guys. Basically
-VDRL and RPR is to test for the presence of syphilis
- TPHA  to show whether our body have antibody against causative(whatsthat) agent of  syphilis
-MANTOUX TB test is to show whether our body is infected with tuburculosis ( batuk kering )

An indian guy collected my blood specimen and i was trying really hard to open my mouth for a lady helper(i dont know what people in that department are called. Pathology i think. maybe Pathologist? what a weird name -.- ) okay i've confirmed that they really are called pathology. Shame on me .. hihi. Next time i will try to get a female nurse/doctor whatever if it is not 'darurat' . I mean, come on ! im in 'private' hospital. (i woudnt try that in government's hospital :p ) It is not that, that indian guy was all flirty or sneaky or what. But it just my way of showing how i am really devoted in covering my aurah comes what may... Sounds poyo huh? its up to you though if that what you really want to label me with. At the end of the day, you will end up labelling yourself, so let us leave the labelling part to the cats okay ? (why cats, cuz theyre cute!)

I have a really nice chit-chat with that indian guy. He thought it was for 'job-purpose' and then i said no it was for JPA. And he "okay, science? what science?". and worse , i was like "haha-i-dont-know-really"

Next i head for the X-Ray department. The kakak there was awesome too. She even said 'blajar rajin-rajin'. Then i proceed to the cashier and pay the sum of RM 294.00 $_$ and next to my mums office

12.00pm my mum and i had our lunch and staright to KAMDAR. bought a nice long blouse, 2 pair of trousers, 1 black and 1 skin colour and miscellaneous stuffs.

3.00pm i arrived at home safely alhamdulillah. and again had my second round plate of rice.. (great , lets put on some weight -,- )

well, thank you all for reading, have a blessed day remembering Allah okay. wherever you go always remember Allah is all you have :)


  1. dude, censored your address tu. gila bahaya dowh !

    1. Ha'ah lah .. n my NRIC was also there too .. thanks kawan :)


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