Monday, 24 June 2013

Preparation before entering INTEC

savouring the last few days at home before stepping on the next phase of my life . there are stuffs to pack, things to buy. Hmmm not sure if i must go with a new 'sweet-18' resoulutions for a couple a moths/years ahead. Basically there're surahs to memorize (and re-memorize) and heart to rectify... Oh Allah unto thee I beseech. Grant us the best of our lives in dunya and akhirah

 That was my last ( as I am writing this ) status on facebook. So yeah . Phewwh ... I just can't believe I am about to be forced out from my comfort zone ( it really is that comfy and cozy ) to the next phase of my life . Where grown ups meet grown ups ( poyo =.= ) . Well i can't really say that i am mature enough but i will try my best. Childish-ness- suffocates me... And i know now i must try to grow up. I mean really GROW UP.

If you ask me , there are things that i would like to achieve in my life . So here's a list of some of i can think of right now
2. Hafaz as many surahs I can without forgetting the one I've memorized before (yeah... sounds hard. please pray for me :)
3. Join USRAH
4. Be in a jemaah / muslim movement who recognize and put ISLAM on top of their 'constitutional' and always in Syari'ah frame of reference
5. WRITE A BOOK (im serious &_& )
6. Score 4.00 flat in A-Level
7. Flying without wings to United Kingdom ( my childhood dreams are about to come true. 2 years wont be taht long )
8. Think and behave like grown ups ( lol ) and what suits the purpose of my creation
9. Speak like London-ers ( im more to american slang . okay okay .. MANGLISH .. satisfied o you people?_? )
10. Take good care of my image as a Muslimah first, malay second, malaysian third. Better myself every now and then.
11. avoid HOLIER-THAN-THOU disease ... na'uzibillah
12. Manage my finance well ..
13. Be grateful of what I have, and feel sufficient over what is little .. As i know there are abundance of ni'mat that Allah s.w.t had bestowed upon me

The list goes on and on of course .. But let the time decide. What i want today might be what i dont want in years to come.

Now i will use the greatest force I can find to get up from this cozy seat to pack my stuffs.. Oh yeah just before that ( give me a little more time please o myself *_* ) here are things that I might need to bring ... Just for sharing :) from my concern senior-to-be

Outdoor & Indoor List
  1. T-shirt
  2. Long pants (Jeans, tracksuit, slacks for guys)
  3. Shorts [ rasanya tak perlu kut ]
  4. Shoes & slippers (Sports, hangout sneakers, leather shoes & formal sandals)
  5. Water bottles (Isotonic drinks)
  6. Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, soap, skincare)
  7. Sufficient Personal Wear (swimming attire)
  8. Medication (Insect repellent, antiseptic, cotton buds, plaster, Panadol)
  9. Plastic bags / Laundry bags
  10. Torch & batteries  [ rasanya tak perlu kut ]
  11. CASH
  12. Socks
  13. Towel
  14. Backpack
  15. Jacket
  16. Belt
  17. Toilet paper / Tissue
  18. Needles & strings  [ rasanya tak perlu kut ]
  19. Cutleries (Pots & pans, spoon, fork, knife, cup, plate , bowl) [ pinggan dengan cawan dah cukup rasanya ]
  20. Religious items of faith
  21. Camera
  22. Hanger & clips
  23. Detergent (Clothes & kitchenware)
  24. Snacks [ Mydin ada..kihkihkih ]

Outdoor List [tak pasti untuk apa]
  1. Sleeping bag / Floor mat
  2. Cap
  3. Toilet paper / Tissue
  4. Powerbar
  5. Raincoat / Umbrella
  6. Whistle
  7. Mutipurpose knife
  8. Lighters / Matches / fire starters / Candles
  9. Compass
  10. Stove
  11. Tent

Indoor List
  1. Stationaries
  2. Sheets (blanket, bed sheet, pillow case)
  3. Clock
  4. Chargers (phone, laptop, battery)
  5. Padlock & keys
  6. Basket / Dustbin / Pail
  7. Extension cords (coiled, mutil-sockets)
  8. Computer / Calculator
  9. Pillow (INTEC hostel only have beds) and err... soft toys? (for whoever needs it, haha!)
  10. Fan

Allowed items in INTEC (all items are subjected to RM10 fee per semester)
  1. Electric kettle
  2. Iron
  3. Radio not exceeding 20W
  4. Computer / Printer
  5. Mobile phone charger
  6. Hairdryer
  7. Electric mosquito repellent
  8. Toaster
  9. Electric rice cooker

Strictly disallowed items in INTEC (you will have no space for them either)
  1. Television
  2. Refridgerator
  3. Washing machine
  4. Hot stove

Food Supplement 
1. Date cider (with the 'mother')
2. Baraka capsule (Habbatus Sauda)
3. Honey
4. Pomegranate concentrate
5. Vitamin C capsule 

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